1 Low Opinion of High Tech

December 13, 2019

As I noted last week, I often have a low opinion of high technology and its overall impact on our lives and health. I know that some experts will say this fear is overblown and today's [...]

Opting for a Low-Tech Holiday Season

December 6, 2019

I could be wrong, but it seems that with each passing year, it becomes harder and harder for us to properly reflect on the true meaning of what that good old holiday spirit signifies. Such [...]

Do We Grow From Tragedy?

November 22, 2019

It seems that every year around the holidays, numerous stories appear in the media of people skirting death or overcoming tragedy. These are certainly stories that need to be told. According to a [...]

Remembering Veterans Is Not Enough

November 15, 2019

As we close the books on Veterans Day 2019, I cannot help but search for a message that will resonate from this national holiday — a day where we honor and show appreciation for all who [...]

Surviving in an Increasingly Divided World

November 8, 2019

Last week, I touched upon how the current political environment — where anger seems to be the animating force — is resulting in turmoil and distress at such a level that health [...]

A Healer in the House Above the Political Stress

November 1, 2019

As a recent study has confirmed — as if we didn't know — the current political environment has gone far beyond merely heated and toxic. The result of this turmoil is that we now live [...]

The Health Toll of Being Lonely

October 25, 2019

A recent study published in the journal Health Psychology, based on interview responses from more than 19,000 married people up to age 90 between 1978 and 2010, suggests that married people who [...]

The Long-Term Toll of Electronic Cigarettes and Regulatory Inaction

October 18, 2019

News earlier in the year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimating that the number of middle and high school students who use electronic cigarettes has risen by more than 50% [...]

No Federal Law Regulates Tattooing; Welcome to the Wild West

October 11, 2019

A number of years ago, my wife, Gena, was given multiple routine MRIs to check on an arthritic condition. To generate a better image, a contrast dye is often routinely injected into the area of [...]

How Exercise and Movement Reduce Pain

October 4, 2019

It remains the single most common medical complaint by patients. It is sensory, emotional and perceptual — seemingly all at the same time. The way we experience it varies greatly. No two [...]

From Polypharmacy to Polypills: Where Will It Lead?

September 27, 2019

In September 2018, I talked about health issues related to "polypharmacy," a word new to me at the time used to describe individuals taking multiple medications (five or more drugs concurrently), [...]

Suicide in the Age of Unprecedented Growth of Those 65 and Older

September 20, 2019

As mentioned last week, to generate discussion and stimulate action toward resolving a major heath issue, Sept. 8-14 was designated as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week. What I failed to [...]